Where the Hell Am I Going? (Volume 1)

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A horror-obsessed boy discovers his older brother is a serial killer. I Love Dries Edit Cast Credited cast: Dominic Brunt Jackson Jon Campling Wife David Ellis Billy segment "Six 2nds to Die" Kathryn Gardner Estate Agent Paddy Jenkins Hiding Man Segment Taylor Lawrence Husband Daniel Mahony Serial Killer Matthew Mellalieu Hannah David O'Neill Genres: Horror. Country: UK. With Alma able to travel, Amanda packed up her family, headed to the home of the Missourian who had stolen her horse, and demanded the animal.

He told her she could have it back if she paid five dollars to compensate him for feeding it. Ignoring him, Amanda went into the yard, took her horse, and set out for Illinois with her children. With more Saints leaving Far West every day, Drusilla Hendricks worried that she and her family would be left behind. But Drusilla did not know how her husband could make the journey. James was still paralyzed from his neck wound at Crooked River.

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When the fight was over, Drusilla had found him lying among the other wounded men at the home of a neighbor. Though overcome with grief, she had composed herself, brought James home, and tried several remedies to restore feeling to his limbs. Nothing seemed to help.

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In the weeks after the surrender of Far West, she sold their land and worked to make money for the move east, earning enough to purchase some supplies and a small wagon, but not a team of animals to haul it. Without a way to pull her wagon, Drusilla knew they would be stuck in Missouri. James had regained some movement in his shoulders and legs after receiving a priesthood blessing, but he could not walk very far. To get him safely out of the state, they needed a team. With the deadline for evacuation approaching, Drusilla grew more anxious.


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She began receiving threats from the mob, warning her that they were coming to kill her husband. One night, as Drusilla nursed her baby on the bed beside James, she heard a dog barking outside. Drusilla asked who was there.


A voice from outside said it was none of her business and threatened to break down the door if she did not open it. Drusilla told one of her children to open the door, and soon the room was filled with armed men wearing false whiskers to disguise their faces.

Fearing the men would kill James if she left his side, Drusilla did not move. One man grabbed a candle from a nearby table and began searching the house. The mob said they were looking for a Danite in the area. They rummaged under the bed and in the back of the house.

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  7. Then they pulled the covers off James and tried to interrogate him, but he was too weak to say much. In the dim light, he looked fragile and pale. The mob asked for water, and Drusilla told them where to find some. As the men drank, they loaded their pistols. Drusilla watched the men place their fingers on the triggers of their guns.

    They stood up, and Drusilla braced herself for gunfire. The men lingered in the room for a minute, then they stepped outside and rode away. A short time later, a doctor took pity on James and gave Drusilla advice on how to help him. Slowly James gained strength. Their friend Isaac also found a yoke of cattle for the family. It was all they needed to leave Missouri for good. In mid-March, as more church members settled in Quincy, the Woodruffs set out for the bustling river town to reunite with the Saints and meet with church leaders.

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    Edward Partridge, who had suffered for weeks in a Missouri jail before being released, was helping lead the church in Quincy despite his poor health. Heber and other senior leaders, meanwhile, were still directing the evacuation from Missouri. It feels just like watching the original actors in the original show instead of watching a reboot or a replacement. At the same time, the things that have changed such as having more diversity, and introducing some characters at different places in their character arcs than we saw on TV feels like a relief instead of a rip off.

    You can buy Issues as a collected volume or Buffy Issue 4 ends on a huge cliffhanger. Issue 5 comes out on June 5. This is the Buffy Summers you know, who wants what every average teenager wants: friends at her new school, decent grades, and to escape her imposed destiny as the next in a long line of vampire slayers tasked with defeating the forces of evil…only this time around, her world looks a lot more like the one outside your window.