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Marie is in the midst of trauma, huddled on the floor, nearly catatonic with shock as she describes her alleged rape first to a police officer, then a detective, then another detective, then a nurse, on and on and on until she's drowning in the details. Throughout Marie's retelling, we see flashbacks of the assault from her perspective, an important decision by Grant that echoes Armstrong and Miller's choice to center the narrative on the victim rather than the rapist.

Unbelievable Yet True!

It also allows viewers to experience the brutality of the assault without devolving into the kind of rape-porn that shows with similar themes risk indulging in. Showing Marie's perspective helps us empathize with her every step of the way, even when her decisions seem confounding. Police begin to doubt Marie's account of her assault, and as Marie goes from victim to suspect, we also become painfully aware of the misconceptions that still color who society sees as a reliable witness and someone worthy of being listened to. The cops convince themselves that Marie's behavior make her inherently unreliable, and they eventually decide to charge Marie with filing a false report.

Her lawyer advises her to take a plea deal, which she does, creating a ripple effect that has devastating consequences on her life. How could a sexual assault victim admit to lying when she's told the truth? Marie has been in and out of the foster system her whole life, and she's used to being mistrusted, let down, manipulated and deceived.

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It's easy to see why she unravels when the two male detectives in charge of her case start to question her story, badger her into doubting herself, and become suspicious of her responses to trauma. Under this duress, she claims that she made it all up, hoping for the whole episode go away.

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It may seem counterintuitive or unlikely to anyone watching from the comfort of home, but one of the series' strengths is making Marie's decision feel inevitable. Marie's introduction is a sharp contrast to what we see when we meet Detective Karen DuVall Merritt Weaver three years later in She's been called in to investigate the violent assault of a young engineering student in Golden, Colorado, who's been allegedly raped for hours at gunpoint in her own home.

DuVall is an empathetic detective who listens intently to the victim; her manner is open and thoughtful, a stark departure from the treatment Marie received. The dedicated tenderness with which the detective swabs the terrified victim's face brought me to tears, so removed was it from Marie's experience, which was dominated by cold indifference.

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  4. DuVall quickly becomes consumed by the case, and thanks to a remark to her husband about the rape, soon realizes she may be looking at a serial rapist with another victim across the state. Enter Toni Collette's Grace Rasmussen, a hard-edged detective in Westminster, Colorado who has an open rape case with an eerily similar M.

    Rasmussen and DuVall team up to track the case, which eventually expands to encompass several shocking, brutal crimes that grow in violence with each attack. Unbelievable cuts between Marie's harrowing story and the work of DuVall and Rasmussen as they race against the clock to stop a predator before he commits another assault. The series, like the article that inspired it, takes a measured approach throughout, largely eschewing lecturing or heavy-handed politicizing.

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