The Social History of Smoking

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Bethesda, MD: U. Smokers who have not quit: is cessation more difficult and should we change our strategies? Capehart T. Department of Agriculture. Changes in the cigarette brand preferences of adolescent smokers—United States, — Cigarette smoking before and after an excise tax increase and an antismoking campaign—Massachusetts, — Tobacco Control — Cigarette smoking among adults—United States, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 52 40 — Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 53 3 — Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 8 — State-specific prevalence of cigarette smoking and quitting among adults—United States, Cigarette use among high school students—United States, — Tobacco use among adults—United States, Tax, price and cigarette smoking: evidence from the tobacco documents and implications for tobacco company marketing strategies.

Tobacco Control 11 Suppl 1 :II The natural history of cigarette smoking from adolescence to adulthood in a midwestern community sample: multiple trajectories and their psychosocial correlates. Health Psychology 19 3 The natural history of cigarette smoking from adolescence to adulthood: demographic predictors of continuity and change.

Cigarette Advertising Towards Young Americans

Health Psychology 15 6 Chen K, Kandel DB. The natural history of drug use from adolescence to the mid-thirties in a general population sample. American Journal of Public Health 85 1 Smoking in 6 diverse Chicago communities—a population study. American Journal of Public Health 95 6 DHHS U. Department of Health and Human Services.

Journal of the American Medical Association 22 Ernster VL. Mixed messages for women. A social history of cigarette smoking and advertising. New York State Journal of Medicine 85 7 Cigarette Report for Impact of race in lung cancer: analysis of temporal trends from a surveillance, epidemiology, and end results database. Chest 1 Gardiner PS.

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The African Americanization of menthol cigarette use in the United States. Socioeconomic status over the life course and stages of cigarette use: initiation, regular use, and cessation. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 57 10 Giovino GA.

Epidemiology of tobacco use in the United States. Oncogene 21 48 : Epidemiology of Tobacco Use in the United States.

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Epidemiology of menthol cigarette use. Attitudes, knowledge, and beliefs about low-yield cigarettes among adolescents. National Cancer Institute. Cigarettes Smoking and Tobacco Control, Monograph 7. Gruber J. Tobacco at the crossroads: the past and future of smoking regulation in the United States. The Journal of Economic Perspectives 15 2 Hamilton JL. The demand for cigarettes: advertising, health scare, and the cigarette advertising ban.

Review of Economics and Statistics Web Page. Havrilesky T, Barth R. Tests of market share stability in the cigarette industry — The Journal of Industrial Economics 17 2 Predictors of cessation in a cohort of current and former smokers followed over 13 years. IOM Institute of Medicine.

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Lung cancer trends in young adults: an early indicator of progress in tobacco control United States. Cancer Causes and Control 14 6 NIH Publication No. Kaiser Family Foundation. Percent of Adults Who Are Smokers, Kandel DB. Natural History of Smoking and Nicotine Dependence. In The Royal Society of Canada, ed. Ottawa, Ontario: Royal Society of Canada.

Understanding the role of cigarette promotion and youth smoking in a changing marketing environment. Journal of Health Communication 10 3 Smoking and mental illness: a population-based prevalence study. Journal of the American Medical Association 20 Mendez D, Warner KE.

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Adult cigarette smoking prevalence: declining as expected not as desired. National Center for Health Statistics. Health, United States, Hyattsville, MD: U. Government Printing Office.

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Sharing the blame: smoking experimentation and future smoking-attributable mortality due to Joe Camel and Marlboro advertising and promotions. Tobacco Control 8 1 Smoking initiation by adolescent girls, through An association with targeted advertising. Journal of the American Medical Association 8 Pollay RW, Dewhirst T. Reynolds Tobacco Company History. Table 4. Schoenberg EH. The demand curve for cigarettes.

The Journal of Business of the University of Chicago 6 1 Acculturation and tobacco use among Chinese Americans. Smoking Prevalence Among U. Cigarette smoking and psychiatric comorbidity in children and adolescents. Cigarette promotional offers who takes advantage? American Journal of Preventive Medicine 30 3 Contribution of major diseases to disparities in mortality.

New England Journal of Medicine 20 The nation has made tremendous progress in reducing tobacco use during the past 40 years.

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  8. Despite extensive knowledge about successful interventions, however, approximately one-quarter of American adults still smoke. Tobacco-related illnesses and death place a huge burden on our society. Ending the Tobacco Problem generates a blueprint for the nation in the struggle to reduce tobacco use. The report reviews effective prevention and treatment interventions and considers a set of new tobacco control policies for adoption by federal and state governments.

    Carefully constructed with two distinct parts, the book first provides background information on the history and nature of tobacco use, developing the context for the policy blueprint proposed in the second half of the report. The report documents the extraordinary growth of tobacco use during the first half of the 20th century as well as its subsequent reversal in the mids in the wake of findings from the Surgeon General. It also reviews the addictive properties of nicotine, delving into the factors that make it so difficult for people to quit and examines recent trends in tobacco use.

    In addition, an overview of the development of governmental and nongovernmental tobacco control efforts is provided.

    A Smoking Epidemic -- the history of tobacco, an excerpt

    After reviewing the ethical grounding of tobacco control, the second half of the book sets forth to present a blueprint for ending the tobacco problem. The book offers broad-reaching recommendations targeting federal, state, local, nonprofit and for-profit entities. This book also identifies the benefits to society when fully implementing effective tobacco control interventions and policies. Based on feedback from you, our users, we've made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website.

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    Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free? Sign up for email notifications and we'll let you know about new publications in your areas of interest when they're released. Get This Book. Visit NAP. Looking for other ways to read this? No thanks. Page 42 Share Cite. Manufacturers also used new methods of curing the tobacco, including flue FIGURE Per capita consumption of cigarettes among adults ages 18 years and older from to Page 43 Share Cite. Page 44 Share Cite. Page 45 Share Cite. Page 46 Share Cite. MTF Monitoring the Future.

    Page 47 Share Cite. BOX Definition of Terms. Smoker Adult: a person aged 18 years or over who has smoked at least cigarettes in his or her lifetime. Former Smoker Adult to : a person who was ever a smoker who no longer smokes. Heavy Smoker Adult: a current smoker who smokes at least 25 cigarettes in one day. Page 48 Share Cite. Page 49 Share Cite.

    Page 50 Share Cite. Page 51 Share Cite.