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Featured Examples. Creation Tutorial. In fact, you could build a substantial home fitness program around kettlebells alone.

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Another really compelling reason to invest in kettlebells is that they are a supremely budget minded implement. You can literally start with just one In his books, Pavel suggests just that. I can think of no other piece of equipment that allows you to do so much with so little. At this point, many people wonder where to start with their new kettlebells. Pavel Tsatsouline wrote a book, called Kettlebell Simple and Sinister , that is an amazing place to start. In it he outlines a program that consists of just two exercises.

Those two exercises, when done daily, will build a strong physique and a surprising amount of cardiovascular endurance. Before the weight bench. Before the free weights. Before the yoga. Before the dedicated space in my garage. I got stronger. I built endurance.

Kettlebells for Combatives Training

I started on my path of working out at home. I owe a lot to Pavel, his book, and the deceptively simple kettlebell.

Kettlebells for Sale, Training DVDs and Trainer Certification - Russian

OK, so you are convinced. Fancy plating, color, or coatings are often where a kettlebell can go wrong. In my humble opinion, simple, black metal is all you need.

My first basic set were actually these you can find on Onnit. Kettlebell Kings make the best kettlebells on the market hands down. Their website is amazing, their customer service is top notch, and they make remarkably good kettlebells. If you buy a great kettlebell it will literally last you a lifetime and the kettlebells by Kettlebell Kings fit that bill perfectly.

Check out their website here for tons of great information and to check out their extensive line of kettlebells! I always want to be transparent here on GymCrafter. I absolutely love my kettlebells. They are one of my favorite pieces of equipment.

What Are Kettlebells And Should I Have Them In My Home Gym?

Of course there may be even better books out there. One thing for sure, they do make one more enthusiastic about KB training. Sep 07, Cody Lasko rated it it was amazing. Steve Cotter is one of the best in the business and so is this book. Disclaimer: This book was obtained via the Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for this review. My apologies to the author for taking so long to read and review it.

So, I got my tiny 10lb kettlebell as a credit card reward about a year ago and haven't done much with it. It came with a video and I looked up some other kettlebell sites, played with it a few times, and then set it aside to focus on other training goals when I won this book. Naturally, I should've read it right then instead of letting i Disclaimer: This book was obtained via the Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for this review. Naturally, I should've read it right then instead of letting it sit for months.

Cotter has written the definitive book on kettlebell training. Opening with a discussion on the values of using this equipment over others, he quickly gets to the heart of the matter beginning with the proper form for everything from how to hold and chalk your bell to a proper warm-up routine to practicing each classic lift with easier equipment before mixing in the challenge of a big weight.

All the exercises are well documented with photos of each step and well-written descriptions that break down each exercise into a series of movements with proper breathing techniques included. Each exercise is also followed with bullet points of key steps as well as common errors and their corrections. There are also chapters on how to create a training plan, set goals, and some basic nutrition.

Are you a real athlete already? Don't worry, there's also intermediate and advanced exercises with the same information and advice as stated above. The last few chapters provide sample training plans for both general goals e. Overall, one of the best books for anyone interested in incorporating kettlebells into their exercise routine regardless of your fitness level.

My only suggestion for a future edition would be to include either a website or a DVD with videos of the exercises as the book is unwieldy to consult while attempting to exercise. Copying the pages you want to use may be the best solution.


Dec 11, Fallon rated it it was ok. I received this as a goodreads giveaway. I have to say I expected alot more.

I was raised by a fitness trainer and was ver interested in this cover and description. Yes the cover is all colorful but the whole book inside is black and white and the pictures dont even have nice shading to them they look like washed out newspaper articles. I would never spend There wee nice helpful hints and suggestions in this book but the 95 kettlebell exercises they mention not even half of t I received this as a goodreads giveaway.

There wee nice helpful hints and suggestions in this book but the 95 kettlebell exercises they mention not even half of them use kettlebells. If you are a beginner in using any form of working out then this is for you, but if you are regular in exercising then this is a let down.

The King of Exercises: Kettlebell Swings

May 25, Ellen rated it really liked it Shelves: library , diet-exercise-fitness-books. Lots of detail for beginners, which is good for people just getting into training and don't know much. The book has a good amount of warm-up moves, a good range of basic moves that range from beginner to advanced, and a decent amount of workout examples for various goals and sports, as well as how to create your own.

In my opinion, this is a better book than the Pavel book, although that one is good for different reasons. Nov 26, J rated it liked it. Dec 18, Joalby Phoenix rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads. Got this as a first reads review copy and I liked the breaking down into simple instructions. I enkoyed the way it was written to be appreciated by all levels with the necessary intro information to be better prepared to begin taking up kettlebell training.

Very helpful and very insightful One of the best bottleneck ebooks out there seeing gains in a very short time as promised very inspirational would recommended to friends and family. Hywel rated it really liked it Jun 27, Shawn Bryan rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Carianne rated it really liked it May 05, Kriszta Kart rated it it was amazing Jul 17, Jessie Withrow rated it liked it Jan 28,