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Adam Warner, man of integrity, born to lead his country, is tied by honor and obligation to his wife. Michael Moretti, compelling Mafia boss, nearly destroys Jennifer's career before it begins. Harry Stanford, one of the world's wealthiest man, dies mysteriously while cruising his yacht along the rugged coast of Corsica. Immediately following Stanford's funeral in Boston, a lovely young woman identifies herself as the tycoon's daughter and heir to a share of his estate. When the well-respected Stanford family looks into the identity of the unexpected heiress, they uncover a world of blackmail, drugs, and murder that leads them through the Italian Riviera.

The Best Laid Plans takes listeners inside two of America's most powerful and ruthless institutions: the world of politics with it's scandals, corruption, and cover-ups; and that of newspaper publishing, where it is not unusual to use the power of the press to destroy lives - or bring down heads of state - in pursuit of a story or to settle a score.

Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark

Elizabeth Roffe, only child of one of the world's richest men, has it all; beauty, intelligence, innocence and youth. But when her father dies, she discovers that she has inherited not only his vast pharmaceutical company, with offices and factories all over the world, but also an unspeakable terror that threatens to destroy the business. As she struggles to save the company that took her family four generations to build, she realizes that she herself is the target of an unknown assassin.

Paige Taylor inherits a million dollars from a patient, and the D.


Kat Hunter vows that no man would get close to her again - until she accepts the challenge of a deadly wager. Betty Lou Taft discovers that to make it in medicine she'd better use more than just her brain. Master of mystery Sidney Sheldon weaves the unexpected destinies of 3 young women doctors in a compelling story of healers and killers, ambitions and obstacles, lovers and betrayers. Toby Temple is a superstar, the world's funniest man.

He gets any woman that he wants, but under the superstar image is a lonely man. Jill Castle is a sensuous starlet. She has a dark and mysterious past and has an ambition even greater than Toby's.

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Together they rule Hollywood. The young, beautiful, and relentless Lara Cameron has amassed international wealth and power, with equal success in affairs of the heart. But an angry ex-lover has vengeance in mind - a motive that could cost Lara the empire she struggled a lifetime to build. When Navy Commander Robert Bellamy is assigned to investigate the crash of a NATO weather balloon near an isolated village in Switzerland, he is told that its cargo includes new and highly classified equipment.

All witnesses to the accident should therefore be found and questioned. If America had a royal family, the Taylor Winthrops would wear the crown. The popular, charismatic Winthrops have captured the imagination of the world with their public service, their enormous charity, and their glamorous lives. But in the period of one year, all five members of the family are killed in a series of accidents.

Beautiful young anchorwoman Dana Evans begins an investigation and starts unraveling compelling evidence that she can hardly believe. Hanson died quickly - with a knife in his back.

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Carole was next - covered with acid and tortured to death. Now it's Judd's turn - a New York pschoanalyst, he'd known them both. Two faceless executioners on a murderous mission, searching for a secret which is unknown to Judd. Not safe at home or at work, Judd feels his professional grip slipping while he faces constant threat of imminent attack. To whom can he ultimately turn? As the newly appointed U.

Ambassador to an Iron Curtain country, Mary Ashley becomes the target of a mysterious murder plot. The action races from Washington D. In Berlin, a woman vanishes from the city streets. In Paris, a man plunges from the Eiffel Tower. In Denver, a small plane crashes into the mountains. In Manhattan, a body washes ashore from the East River. At first these seem to be random incidents, but the police soon discover that all four of the victims are connected to Kingsley International Group KIG , the largest think tank in the world.

Two dazzling tales of intrigue and suspense from international best-selling author, Sidney Sheldon. In The Stars Shine Down , beautiful young Lara Cameron has relentlessly pursued power and success until she'd created an international empire. But now a rejected lover bent on revenge threatens to destroy everything she's struggled for. Taut and gripping, The Naked Face finds brilliant psychoanalyst Judd Stevens stalked by a mysterious murderer while fighting to clear his own name.

Andrew Jakes, an elderly multimillionaire art dealer, had been brutally murdered in his Hollywood home, his lifeless body tied to his naked young wife. Raped and beaten, the lovely Angela Jakes had barely survived the attack herself. Gazing into her deep, soulful eyes, Danny swore that he'd find the psychopath behind this barbarous act.

But the investigation didn't turn up a single solid lead, and within days of Angela's release from the hospital, the stunning young widow - Danny's only witness - had vanished.

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For ten years Danny McGuire could not forget the sweet face of Angela Jakes and the terrible crime that had shattered her life; his obsession with her nearly cost him his sanity. Now in France, thousands of miles from the past - with a new life, a new job with Interpol, and a ravishing new wife - he's happier than he's ever been Curious about his father's murder, Matt has been digging into the cold case—and made some shocking discoveries. Three killings nearly identical to his father's have taken place across the globe.

The victims were elderly, newlywed millionaires, their young wives assaulted. And in each case the widow, the sole beneficiary of the will, donated her newfound wealth to children's charities and then vanished. Could it be true? Had the Jakes killer struck again? If so, Danny knows he must tread carefully or risk losing everything for good. The evidence points to a single killer - a brilliant and ruthless criminal who travels across the globe under a string of assumed identities, cleverly keeping one step ahead of the law. Joining forces, Danny and Matt pursue this intriguing shadow from Los Angeles to London, New York to Italy and the French Riviera, in a tantalizing game of cat and mouse filled with promising leads and frustrating dead ends.

When another murder fitting the profile occurs, Matt heads to Hong Kong, hoping to get answers from the latest widow, Lisa Baring, and perhaps uncover the hard evidence they need. But Matt becomes besotted with the irresistible beauty, nearly derailing the investigation, and Danny wonders whether Lisa is truly a victim or something more sinister. When a break in the case sends Danny to Mumbai, he knows he must act quickly, for the clever killer is poised to strike again.

The Writer Speaks: Sidney Sheldon

A fast-paced story full of mystery, glamour, excitement, and spectacular twists that build to a stunning ending, Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark is quintessential Sheldon from first page to last. I didn't want it to end I really loved this book. I loved this one. Part Jackie Collins, part mystery, part just plain old fun! Which character — as performed by Michael Kramer — was your favorite? Michael Kramer did a great job on all the characters.

Sometimes the accents were a little hookey, but still good. Any additional comments? I will be listning to this book again - soon! The beginning was a little confusing to me till it all tied together, then this is a can't put down listen. Narrator was excellent as well. It was one of those reads where you can't wait to find out how it turns out and I must say it was pretty far fetched but entertaining none the less.

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Now if somebody could explain the end to me I would love that, Who is Carlo Hernandez. So if you listen and get something I missed. Let me know. Maybe, but Sidney Sheldon alone is much better. I have listened the "Mistress of the game. Not really. Did Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark inspire you to do anything? Definitely not.