Serious Shift: How Experience Staging Can Save Your Practice

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Very successful advisors VSAs know this. They understand that clients are looking for a consistent, memorable and meaningful experience, one that makes the client feel listened to and cared for.

They know they must be fully aligned with their clients when it comes to respect, trust and shared purpose. He addresses the obstacle of resistance to change and ways to overcome it. Dennis Moseley-Williams is an internationally known speaker and consultant to the financial services industry, specializing in the areas of practice management, best business principles and experience staging. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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Yes—Save my other items for later. No—I want to keep shopping. September 26, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Serious Shift is like having DMW sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear all day long. For many advisors, his message isn't anything new.

Staging Experiences that Sell

Deep down you know what you need to do, but it's helpful to have Dennis articulate it in a way that is clear and makes sense. It's all about improving your process and delivering a superior client experience. There are a couple ideas in the book that I really like. First, clients hire you because they want you to lead them. They want you to tell them what to do and lead the way. Deep down you know that already, but your lizard brain tells you that you must appease your clients.

So, you compromise your process and no one really benefits in the long run. The second point is that clients want a superior client experience. DMW's hair salon analogy is exactly right. No middle aged man with hair less than an inch long needs to pay a lot for a hair cut, but we do anyway. Because they make us feel good when we are there. It's the same for your clients.

The challenge is to always be improving your process so that clients always receive a superior experience. I can imagine how badly your article must have affected their reputation during the last 1. Never have they approached me at a conference to talk about it like big people although I know they have tried to influence people to influence me to take the post down indirectly.

Like dealing with children, except they run a company that is responsible for other peoples businesses. Thanks for this post. Most accurate review of WP Engine I have seen. My experience with them has been very similar to yours and I will be moving my site, even though I paid for a year in advance.

Support is terrible and blames everything else except WP Engine, even when the site had none of the same problems on its previous server. Downtime, errors on both front and admin end, and restrictions that are supposed to be preventing these things, yet development version of the site on another server has none of the same problems and no restrictions. Staging site on WP Engine has the same problems as the live site. Sorry to hear that Lori — WPEngine pay attractive affiliate commission so its hard to find a real review and a little birdy told me the reason they increased the affiliate commission was to push out reviews like this one but that could just be rumor.

I know they have spoken with various people in the industry about how to get this post removed rather than just speaking with me directly so it gives you a good idea of the kind of tactics they are willing to use. Be aware that when you migrate away from them, you will need a developer to fix the install because WPEngine hijack your site by injecting code into core files.

If the WP core files have been tampered with, then download fresh core files, update your config, check your DB and it should spell problem solved.


Primarily the functions. I have used WP installers in the past, it saved a lot of time but a couple cost me a lot of time too. WP only needs the following to functions The rest leaves your site open to abuse. These are:. Your site loads very slowly. Perhaps try fewer plugins and get rid of that ugly black thing at the top of the page.

Over the past month I have added quite a few new plugins to the blog which are having a considerable impact on the blogs performance, I need to throttle back you are right :. I run several sites and Ive been looking to upgrade my webhosting to another hosting provider. One of which was WPEngine. I will now definitely be staying away. It sounds like the classic corporate mistake that so many businesses make.

After building and running a great business, the original owner and founder then sells out, takes the money and runs, and the newcomers take over. Quality and service then get diluted and run down, the assets get sweated and squeezed and the end result: a whole heap of problems and dissatisfied customers.

The delays and daft or non-existent answers to the problems and issues you have since had with WPEngine are classic corporate phenomena.

Stay Small and on Target - Dennis Moseley-Williams Serious Shift EP 32

As for ending support at 5pm, that is just plain daft for a hosting provider. You might as well run a restaurant and close for lunch. I will be staying with Hostgator, at least for the near future. Yeah they got a phat stack of venture capital funding and the owner checked out which only ever goes 1 way. We just had a conference call with them and, after reading your post, I can definitely see how it all correlates, particularly from reading your correspondence with them.

In my experience with hosting, one guy you can really rely on is Dave Zhang over at HostAwesome. They offer a very attractive affiliate commission so the internet is flooded with fake reviews of them!

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I brought this to Traffic Planet hosting as the reason for requesting the balance of the one year hosting refund aprox 6 months to them, to which the reply via email was:. Seriously, I loved Traffic Planet, hosting and support. I would never allow that much time to fix a mere database issue which keeps killing my business. I was considering about WP Engine for my next project but thanks to Greg Daniels who shared link to your post in AWP Facebook group which saved me from a possible disaster.

While I know that TPH does have nice speeds, I would watch out with them in terms of downtime and malware. I have cleaned up some super ugly hacks with them in the past year.

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The most absurd thing about WP Engine is that their support cuts out at 5 pm in whatever time zone they are in. Like what, my site is only open during business hours? Had a few clients with teleseminars and such that were going at night, massive problems, and no one there to fix them. Plus their support is so good … man, I could have totally married those guys for the number of times they have saved my bacon lol. I am about to release my new website online. I was going to get a subscription at WPEngine as I already worked with them in the past following your advice and I wanted to do so again, because I was satisfied with my previous experience.

I visited your website in order to book the subscription via one of your affiliate links and ended up on this article… the question is: is it still up to date? BTW, feel free to provide me with an affiliate link or a coupon or whatever, I blindly follow your advice ;. But yes this post still holds true and you will see from other comments that people are still having problems. But I am still using TrafficPlanetHosting myself.

The staging area is a great feature of WPEngine there is no denying that, but again you can do that yourself with a subndomain and a free plugin called WPClone — ok that will take 2 clicks to create the staging area vs WPEngines 1 click but its not difficult. The caching system that WPEngine uses is absolutely awful and I had countless problems with it. I agree that the extra features do justify the extra price. However given how bad the service is and how bad the support is and reading some of the more recent comments here, it makes those extra features useless.

Great article Matthew : never considered Linode before. I personally prefer Australian based hosting as I am in Australia. Yeah if your in Australia, for sure you are better sticking off with Australian based hosts over any other.

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O mine, I also used there services in past and yes they were really good now I am with some other company. Thank you.

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Yeah the TrafficPlanetHosting service is superb! Brute force attacks, spam , these are easy to deal with, but a tiny bit of malicious code — for a non-developer can be a nightmare! Lastly — in fairness, I joined WPEngine two months ago, and have had a good experience and the 6 sites I host there are zippy — but you raised important concerns, most importantly how they may be changing core WP files making any migration a challenge.

Would appreciate a follow-up on this bit of info — are they doing it, and if so, how to fix this during a migration. I imagine the folks over at TPH might be able to share some insight here. TPH alert you to this, then push you to Sucuri to get a full report and then they take care of it. They also have daily backups always take your own as well though.