Ringo the Rhino and his Jungle Friends

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Personally, I like the Goodnight Vienna album more than the Ringo album, although obviously Ringo is the greater album.

Graham Nash

Location: New York. WilliamWes , Jul 10, Pepper , Jul 10, Location: Lexington, KY.

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BZync , WilliamWes , mrjinks and 7 others like this. FredV , Jul 10, I've always enjoyed Goodnight Vienna, though I'd rate it not quite as high as the album that preceded it. Lennon's contribution is definitely not as strong as I'm the Greatest, but it's all fun.

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Bruce M. Who Cares , theMess and omikron like this. Location: Lawrenceville, NJ. For me through Goodnight Vienna I like each album better than the one before it.

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Rfreeman , Jul 11, Location: UK. Munros , Jul 11, Who Cares , Ringo Hendrix , theMess and 3 others like this. FredV , Jul 11, Who Cares and theMess like this. Location: Edinburgh.

Saw this when I was out this morning:. Who Cares , theMess , omikron and 1 other person like this. Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ringo Hendrix , Jul 11, Location: South Central Sorry for jumping the timeline, but I see this as a continuum and since we're reaching the middle of what is in my mind a five album arc, here's my summary of Ringo's - musical output: With a little help from his friends he makes great music John, Jimmy Webb, Dee Murray Result: Bad Maybe it was the substance abuse, but by Rotogravure, although the formula seemed much the same as the previous two LPs, the energy seemed to have been drained, as though they were just going through the motions And by Bad Boy the party had moved on and the first half of the title sums it up Who Cares , omikron , theMess and 2 others like this.

Elephants and rhinos will not be killed for their tusks and horns – My Dream for Animals

Location: Seattle. I just heard a live version of Liverpool 8 in a Starbucks Location: Dearborn, MI.

Ol Pejeta Vlog 5 : Ringo meets Sudan

The title track by John and "Snookeroo" are catchy rockers. How the later failed to chart with Elton's name attached is beyond me. The second side of this album is where the heart is.

The novelty "No No Song" is fun. Nilsson's "Easy for Me" is solid as well. Overall, track for track, I just find this album a bit stronger, though you do get that calculated "trying to recreate the success of the last album" vibe.

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Pawnmower , Jul 12, Rfreeman , omikron and theMess like this. Location: Los Angeles. The three bug band mates later appear, apologize to Stinky, and let him back into the band. Seconds later, Timon arrives and eats a bug that a spider gives him just as Pumbaa comes back asking where Stinky is, causing Timon to think that the bug he ate was Stinky.

Elephants and rhinos will not be killed for their tusks and horns

Timon then lies to Pumbaa, saying that a bear had broken into their cabin and took Stinky. Later, when Timon and Pumbaa are about to be eaten by three bears, Stinky is once again kicked out of the band. He ends up sneezing so hard, he falls over and makes a huge snowball, causing the bears to go away and thus saving Timon and Pumbaa. Timon apologizes to Pumbaa for lying to him and becomes Stinky's friend.

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  • Stinky then suggests to a hungry Timon and Pumbaa to eat his former band mates. Sign In Don't have an account?