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You have a choice of 2 types of tickets: One that includes the yoga or one that's just for the dancing. When my alarm went off on Tuesday morning at 5 a.

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For a few minutes, I desperately regretted my ambitious plans. But as a morning person — something that's largely genetic — I was able to pull myself out of bed.

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It wasn't as easy for my night-owl partner, Chris, who'd volunteered to come with me. Nevertheless, Chris and I both made it out of the apartment. When we arrived at the venue around a.

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It felt kind of like a Friday night, except that we'd be heading to work and school afterwards. While we waited for the yoga class to start, Chris and I chatted with a few other early birds and enjoyed the free, unlimited instant coffee in the lobby. The class was designed for all levels, and I was excited to do some morning exercise.

I Hate Models @ Rotterdam Rave Festival, 17-08-19, RDM Grounds, Rotterdam.

Some research suggests that working out early helps speed weight loss and boost energy levels by priming the body for an all-day fat burn. After the class was over, we took a breather in the lobby, where we were cheerfully greeted by staff members handing out ice-cold coconut water and snack bars. Neither of us had eaten yet, so we were excited to get some fuel.

Some studies suggest that working out on an empty stomach in the morning can be beneficial. And of course, the mattress itself needs to be comfy, durable, and value priced.

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But there's no pleasing everyone, even if you have what seems like an ideal mattress design and business model. You will still confront cranky customers, and posts like this one:. The mattress itself is just a block of foam. It's nothing fancy at all. We slept on it for 2 nights before deciding it was just TOO firm.

I like a soft, cushy mattress, this is true, but I'm a fit mids woman and this hurt my joints. I am a side sleeper. My husband agreed that it was too firm, so we purchased a mattress topper for it. Problem solved. I would've liked to not have to get an extra mattress topper though, just to make it a comfortable bed.

After all, it wasn't the first time a customer was displeased.

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Define yourself as a "service-culture" company, rather than by product or industry. In actuality, the company aspires to be like JetBlue or Southwest--brands largely known for delighting customers. Report a mispronounced word. There is simply a gap on the schedule, every Saturday of Milan menswear, where fashion stops, and then later carries on. The designers have, of course, done wrong recently.

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In November, they were at the eye of a storm of criticism for a culturally insensitive video coinciding with a show planned in China, which was ultimately cancelled. A number of retailers also dropped their line in China — which accounts for around 30 per cent of their turnover. The designers issued a public apology. A rare occurrence: in the past, they emblazoned T-shirts with the phrase BoycottDolceGabbana, mocking social-media criticism of their decision to dress Melania Trump.

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All of that has been well-documented — because, despite the belief of many, including people in the industry itself, fashion is now paradoxically operating on a global stage and under a microscope. And what happens in fashion registers outside, especially when it is seen as offensive, or belittling, or to be appropriating other cultures. Just last week, the Mexican minister of culture Alejandra Frausto decried the American fashion brand Carolina Herrera for allegedly using embroideries of Mexican indigenous communities in their latest collection.

So if fashion is about capturing the mood of the moment, the geist of the zeit, the one we are living in is extraordinarily sensitive, heightened, tense. The catwalk was leopard-print, which also printed the clothes, alongside patterns of coconuts, watermelon slices or and bananas. The 50s theme was reiterated in higher-waisted trousers, wider shouldered tailoring, and Aloha shirts cut sure in the body.

There were, however, several questions that preoccupied your mind during this show. Or was it entirely innocent, accidental, ignorant of the interpretations these themes can have in this day and age? And secondly: which of those is worse? The lesson perhaps needs to be hammered home harder. Donatella Versace, by direct contrast, is acutely aware of the moment.