Princess of Frogs, Toads and all creatures that Hop (Silly Tales and Assorted Funny Business)

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Bridget Fidget hold on tight Bridget Fidget is in a fix.

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She forgot to hold on tight to her beloved toy, Captain Cat, and lost him in a shop. It's disaster. Luckily, her friend, Billy, is there to save the day. Bridie's boots Bridie loves her gumboots.

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They are just right for splashing and twirling. But Bridie gets too big for her beautiful boots, so sets them free on a big adventure across the seas. Broken bird, a tale of true love Broken Bird is born with only one wing but he refuses to believe he will never fly.

His brothers tease him but he puts his best foot forward and sets off to explore the world, from the ground. Brothers from a different mother Tapir lives in the jungle. Pig lives in the village. But when they meet at the waterhole, they discover they are the same in so many ways. They might even be brothers from a different mother! Brothers Quibble, The Spalding Quibble ruled the roost. He did not have to share anything.

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But, then, his parents introduced a brand new baby brother. Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see Questions and answers take the reader through a range of animals and colours - a big green frog, a plump purple cat or a cheeky brown monkey. Colourful pictures and rhyming words.

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Brown bread and honey The King loves to run, jump and ride his horse. He also loves to eat and eat and eat until he becomes too fat to have fun any more. When the King sacks all his cooks, he will have a problem with what to eat. Buck and his truck Buck and his truck and Harry and his lorry are rival removalists. One day, they turn up for the same job and trouble starts. Budinge and the Min Min lights Budinge lives with his grandmother, deep in the Australian bush. One night, he notices a bright light twinkling through the trees.

Budinge's grandmother had often warned him that if he didn't behave, the Min-Min lights would come and lead him away. Budinge is frightened and begins to run. Buffy, an adventure story Buffy is a wonderful performing dog, rejected by his magician owner.

He journeys the world until he realises that he can only be who he is and then he finds a family. Bug collector, The George loves bugs. Small ones, leggy ones, ones that glow. So he decides to become the world's best bug collector. But fabulous creatures aren't meant for life in a bottle. Bugliest bug, The Damselfly Dilly uncovers a plot by a group of sinister spiders who are holding a bugliest bug contest and secretly planning to eat the contestants, including Tumblebug, the Dung Beetle, who prefers to be called the Original Pooper Scooper.

Building boy, The The boy's work was done. He looked into the eyes he'd built and said, "Grandma, wake up. Grandma grabbed the boy, raising him high above the roof tiles on her head. She was alive. Building site zoo Every morning on our walk we see an amazing zoo, full of astonishing animals. Come and see them too! With a little imagination, a building site can come to life, bringing all kinds of animals into the busy town.

BumbleBunnies: The pond Wuffle the puppy, Lou the kitten and Billington the duck are playing happily in the garden. But when disaster strikes, who will save the day? BumbleBunnies: The sock It's washing day, and Wuffle the puppy, Lou the kitten and Billington the duck watch the clothes blow about in the wind. But when disaster strikes once more, who will save the day? Bumpus jumpus dinosaurumpus Story builds to a thumping, stomping crescendo as the many different dinosaurs dance and play together.

Bunny cakes Ruby is making a cake for grandma's birthday. Max, her little brother, has to make repeated trips to the grocer to make up for disrupting Ruby's project and to get the perfect ingredients for the special cake he is making for grandma. Bunny money Max and his sister, Ruby, are shopping for Grandma's birthday present. Ruby has saved up a walletful of money, and, as usual, she's in charge or thinks she is. She has plans for an elaborate gift but Max is sure that Grandma would prefer his choice.

Filipino Popular Tales

Bus called Heaven, A One morning, a broken old bus appears, from nowhere, right outside Stella's house. Everyone wonders how it got there. When Stella climbs on board, she sees everything that it could become. So the lonely old bus becomes the place to hold meetings, play games and share stories. But one day, a tow truck arrives, threatening to take away not just the bus, but everything the community has worked hard to create.

Bus to the zoo, The There's a funny, blue bus going to the zoo today. The passengers are all special animals and the bus is filling up very quickly. Bush babies A beautifully illustrated, lift-the-flap book which describes fourteen animal babies found in the Australian bush. Bush jumper, The Koala knits Mitti a jumper the colour of wattle blossom. The only problem is that she runs out of wool and has to knit a multi-coloured sleeve. Mitti is not keen on the result but the other animals help to change her mind.

He travels around Australia, delivering special presents to all the Australian animals, from the cockies in Cairns and the crocs of the Top End, to the wallabies in Canberra and the quokkas of Rottnest Island. Bush tracks What can you see?

Incredible frog

Follow the clues that landscape, seasons, weather, the stars, the moon and the sun give to navigate bush tracks and find the Australian animal. A colourful exploration of country along a bush track, featuring illustrations by Balarinji, Australia's leading Indigenous design studio.

Busting Lou was busting for the loo. But the loo had quite a queue. What on earth was Lou to do. Busy little creatures A fun way to explore movement, colour, patterns, sizes and numbers whilst supporting your child's learning and encouraging outdoor play and adventure. Butterflies Allow your imagination to move with the butterflies in this engaging and beautifully illustrated book. Useful text for increasing students' understanding of vocabulary. Butterfly garden, The An entertaining introduction to the life cycle of a butterfly - played out by a fat caterpillar, a hungry kookaburra and a supporting cast of beautiful butterflies.

Button boy Banjo is so fixated with button collecting, he doesn't join in the activities of the other neighbourhood children. When he returns home, his grandmother sews each button on his favourite jumper. But, the buttons once belonged to someone and, each morning, Banjo finds the owner of the buttons and detaches the relevant one from his jumper. By the light of the moon Ivan's old house had always been so warm and friendly. But, his new house is strange and Ivan can't sleep. From his window, he sees a shimmering light land in the garden.

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  • It's a creature called Moji who takes Ivan on a fabulous night-time adventure, up high into space, bounding through starlit forests and down deep into the oceans. The magical Moji shows Ivan that, soon, the new house will feel like home.

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    Calpepper's place Calpepper has had enough of plodding through the hot desert sand and sets out for excitement and far away places, searching for the perfect home. Can I cuddle the moon? A little owl who is searching for someone to cuddle discovers that the cuddle may not be very far away at all. Can I play too?

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    Gerald is careful. When they meet a new snake friend who wants to join in a game of catch, Gerald and Piggie wonder how he will be able to play without arms. Can we lick the spoon now? Share in the fun as Dad and the children get busy in the kitchen.