Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat

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Artist name. Share this song! Twitter Facebook. Google Stumble. Sabbath--In Hawaii. And what fun to watch her chasing after dreidels spinning tops and plates of latkes during Hanukkah.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. For Christmas my sister gave me a book on cats. Even the cover has a Tortie. Guess so And I was looking for ours in there.

Had a wonderful time. Went to see Eric at the hospital and he was resting. He looks better needs to work on his shaving and with all our prayers will make a speedy recovery. Really want to see him get out of there soon and home with family to get real rest. Jay, thanks for the update. I hope your prediction of a speedy recovery comes true! I posted 4 pictures, in order, Cat, Buster, a scary looking Wilhelmina and a side view of her near a window.

Not sure what happened on the facebook page. I did post photos and they show up in the albums but whatever I wrote on the wall disappeared. So my three cats are there to see. You turned an ordinary blog post into a very special community. Just want to wish everyone and their furry babies a very happy and safe holiday season. My best gift this year was when I found this site and all the wonderful people that come here. The cat was listed in our materials as a tuxedo. Hey my family here. Let me take this one moment to wish you all a very Happy and safe Holiday Season. Bernie, may give you rest from your troubles, and the peace you deserve.

I hope that you find some time this holiday for yourself, and Steeler. The best advice I ever heard, I read on an aircraft safety card: Put your oxygen mask on, before attending to others traveling with you.

Wild Child. I hope you have your crystal skull vodka and are enjoying it tonight.

My present to a little one getting a Forever Home. Oh yeah Berns, it was good! Hey my CC family. I thank each of you for your kind words of condolences. You know you have a special place in my heart. This is her totally accapella rendition of Swan Lake. She did every part, recording and layering her voice over itself….. Neither Peaches or Monkey seem to care about it at all.

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And, for me, Jay, Monkey and the other hard metal lovers…. She has at least a 4 or 5 octave range, yet she chose metal to express her art instead of the typical Celine Dionne or Toni Braxton type stuff. I love her for that.

Monkey loves her voice. This year I will probably have to take my manx for acupuncture. There is a vet near here that does it. Manx cats get all kinds of issues with their hind quarters because of the missing tail. The first week when we had the kittens Cat was just snarling at them quite a bit but slowly she sort of just resigned herself to the situation and now she is almost back to normal. It really affected her appetite, going to the bathroom, mood, everything. What really helped was the Wahl electric massager. She has always loved that thing and if she hears it comes running to get a back rub.

When she was all stressed out about the kittens we gave her lots of extra massages and this seemed to calm her down a lot. I love hearing how massage works for Cat to help her be less stressed. She hears that massager and no matter where she is she comes running. This is how my husband trained her to come to bed at night when he whistles.

Smashwords – Mewsings: My Life as a Jewish Cat – a book by Greta Beigel

The massager is in the bedroom. And as Ingrid said, I can attest to the Reiki essences. I was a total skeptic, I bought them in desperation because nothing else was working and I was going to have to get rid of one of my cats. They were fighting to the point of rolling on the floor yowling and mauling each other. The same week Shanks came, I got the drops and started lacing their food, bully remedy for Monkey and Peacemaker for Peaches and Shanks. Yes, a might fancy name for a little cat. So far she seems to be taking it ok.

The other kittie is a boy. His name is buster. The very first day we had them they were really dirty and smelly and no sooner were they in our yard then we had to go and give them a bath. Within a day or two we realize they had fleas and we had to deal with that. In order to avoid chemicals we use diatomaceous earth very carefully and only tiny amounts in food so as to avoid any in the air getting into those tiny lungs.

The fleas got to our older furry cat. Her name is just Cat. Right now the fleas are either gone or super under control and everyone is clean and healthy. She is very much the pretty girl cat and he is very much the rough and tumble boy.

Chanukah 2011 3 The Cohen's Cat

It could have been the other way but this is how they are. He is brownish and I sometimes call him Buster Brown. He is stockier and has greenish eyes and she is tortie with gold eyes and a few pale tan markings and some darker gold here and there. He was just so small compared to her that we assumed it was another litter. Shorter legs, fatter face, rounder face actually.

The Catgirl Critics’ Media Mewsings for May, 2008

Her face reminds me off something egyptian or siamese. At first I thought she might have some siamese but she is so black overall. Lianimal that is amazing that so many kinds of babies come out of one moma kitten. I am guessing that soon someone here will need to be spayed unless we want kittens. I wish we could move to a more rural area. In that case I would not mind one litter but we are in PA, a medium sized city and are renting a house. We probably cannot let that happen. I certainly would not ever want to give up any kittens to a pound under any circumstances. My husband and I agreed the day we found these that we would keep them because otherwise we would have had to find them homes ourselves and make sure the homes were good.