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A moment causes a rotation about a point or axis. If the moment is to be taken about a point due to a force F, then in order for a moment to develop, the line of action cannot pass through that point. If the line of action does go through that point, the moment is zero because the magnitude of the moment arm is zero. Such was the case for point D in the previous wrench poblem.

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The total moment was zero because the moment arm was zero as well. As another example, let us assume that pound force is applied to the wrench as indicated.

The moment of the pound force applied at C is zero because:. In other words, there is no tendency for the pound force to cause the wrench to rotate the nut.

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One could increase the magnitude of the force until the bolt finally broke off shear failure. The moment about points X, Y, and Z would also be zero because they also lie on the line of action. A moment can also be considered to be the result of forces detouring from a direct line drawn between the point of loading of a system and its supports. In this case, the blue force is an eccentric force. In order for it to reach the base of the column, it must make a detour through the beam. The greater the detour, the greater the moment.

The most efficient structural systems have the least amount of detours possible.

This will be discussed in more detail in Lecture 37 and later courses. There are cases in which it is easier to calculate the moments of the componenets of a force around a certain point than it is to calculate the moment of the force itself.

It could be that the determination of the perpendicular distance of the force is more difficult than determining the perpendicular distance of components of the force. The moment of several forces about a point is simply the algebraic sum of their component moments about the same point. When adding the moments of componenets, one must take great care to be consistant with the sense of each moment.

It is often prudent to note the sense next to the moment when undertaking such problems.

Combined Moments Moments on a Beam. Common Mistakes When adding the moments of componenets, one must take great care to be consistant with the sense of each moment. Frequently Asked Questions Any difficulty with calculating a moment can usually be traced to one of the following:.

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Questions For Thought What is the moment about point B and about point D for both of the cases shown in the wrench example above? How could adding an extension to the end of the wrench help turn a rusted bolt?

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What kind of structural systems would have the least number of "detours? Problems Associated Readings Shaeffer, R. When did you find out?

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A moment of memory is an intimate experiential performance that takes you through real life events and incidents of 4 performers — from experiencing crime to tough relationships, from individual hope to a sense of duty and from cherishing good times to fighting everyday troubles. The performers put themselves out there- their lives, their stories, their struggles, their fears, their moments — for the audience to experience and be part of. Immerse yourselves into their worlds. Everything is hazy. You are able to make sense of it now, slow and steady. Life still goes on though, but you are a different person.

In a Moment

Can you really move on? What does it take to live in a dream? And slowly you realise your dreams and your intuitions are talking to one another. Why is this performance experiential?