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At Legacy Academy , our mission is to serve our children, families, staff, and communities in a manner that positively impacts their lives. We believe in so doing, our programs will set the standard for early childhood care and education. We are committed to providing ongoing professional development for our staff, for they are a key ingredient in the quality program at Legacy Academy.


Twitter Facebook YouTube. The Classroom Ready to learn, make new friends, and enjoy group activities, our preschoolers look forward to each school day. Our Curriculum Our curriculum is built around monthly and seasonal themes, often driven by the creative thinking of the children. Before Zarkos could kill him, he wounds the doctor and awakens Malcolm Goode and performs the experiment. During his dream-like state, he lets out a massive shockwave causing an implosion inside the underground complex. One transfers her powers to Adam and reveals that there was no way to save her and that it was all about convincing him how evil the Mogadorians are and that he needs to find the Garde.

During the emotional moment, Adam professes his love for One and they share a kiss before she disappears forever.

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He awakens with Malcolm Goode by his side and they band together to survive. Over time Malcolm becomes his mentor. They go back to Paradise, Ohio to search for Sam only to reveal that he has joined the Loric cause and went with the Garde. Adam suggests that they go to a secret government base in New Mexico, which he found out about back in Ashwood. Sneaking into the government base, they find Sam and set him free.

Adamus sacrifices himself, so Malcolm and Sam could escape, and battles several Mogadorians including Ivanick. Using his newfound gift Adam kills Ivanick and a few of the Mogadorians by causing an earthquake. The book ends with Adam concluding he will survive the battle and join the rest of the Garde. In The Forgotten Ones , Adam survives the collapse of the underground base that he caused and uses his earthshaking powers to escape the rubble.

He discovers a young Mogadorian commander named Rexicus Saturnus, aka Rex. Needing information and a prisoner, he helps Rex to the surface and finds shelter at one of the buildings that didn't get destroyed. Adam also meets a Chimaera whom he names Dust and the two form a quick bond with of each other.

After spending a few days in the nearly destroyed building, waiting out any Mogs who might be looking for survivors, he forms a connection with Rex, who knows who he is and wants to kill him. During their time together, Adam learns that the Mogs were doing experiments on Sam and trying to obtain the Chimaera shapeshifting gene to add to their Vatborn soldiers.

After revealing that the Chimaeras are at the main research facility in Palm Island, New York, Adam forces Rex to agree to take him there and they leave the next day.

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While trying across New Mexico, they stop in a small town, where they steal money from a thief and manage to get themselves to a train station. Realizing that they are being followed, Adam buys tickets for another destination and smuggles himself, Dust, and Rex on a train for another city they need to go to. As they journey across the country, Rex and Adam grow closer together, while they do show conflict as well, and Adam asks Rex if he ever questions what they do is wrong, only to earn more conflict from him.

Once arriving in the city they want, Adam is attacked by Mogs and believes that Rex has betrayed him. With the help of his powers and Dust, he manages to defeat them but is knocked out by one last surviving Mog and is saved by Dust. Waking up in a stolen car, Rex is revealed to have saved him and never betrayed him, although he did hide from the fight. When Adam asks why he is helping him, Rex replies that he doesn't know but that he is only fulfilling what he promised and that while he does like Adam, he also still believes in the Mog's cause.

When arriving at Palm Island, disguised as a prisoner, Rexicus fulfills his promise and breaks Adamus out and leads him to the Chimaeras. Adam then escapes with the Chimaeras and Dust, while Rex stays behind to rejoin his fellow Mogadorians. At the end of the story, Adam, along with Dust and the other chimeras, drives for Chicago after learning the Garde have been found. He calls Sam and warns him that the Mogs are coming. Adam remembers One and begins to miss her. Realizing that One is truly gone, he finally allows himself to let her go, while honoring her by keeping on fighting.

When he gets there, the fight is over and the Mogs are all gone, thanks to Four giving them Ella. Four mistakes him for a soldier and is about to kill him when Adam introduces himself. Four is suspicious, but tells Adam that he is going to help win the war. However, the Trueborn were gone, except for a Salvage team and the General. After a big fight, Adam saves John from the General by stabbing his father in the back with his father's sword which he keeps later.

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After meeting with the other Garde, he slowly grows on them. After taking out the Mog forces, he was able to pass through the Lorien force field and follow the Garde into the Temple to restart Lorien. While inside, he was surprise that the map of the whole universe was inside being greater than the current maps of the Mogs.

He became even more surprised when Eight is seemingly resurrected.

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Ivanick , or Ivan , is the adopted son of The General and best friend turned rival of Adamus. He was the son of a fierce Mogadorian warrior named Bolog Shu-Ra who died in the battle on Lorien and was taken in by the General. As time flew by, Ivan became competitive to Adamus and wanted to prove he was a better and stronger than Adamus was to the General, which Adam comes to ignore.

He cheers when One was killed exclaiming "That was awesome! Ivan kills Two, thinking Adamus didn't have the stomach for it. Later, the two travel to Kenya to find Number Three. Ivan stops Adam from warning Three, at first thinking he was trying to beat him for the kill, but then discovers Adam's betrayal and brands him a traitor.

He and Adamus fight resulting in Adamus winning and knocking Ivan out, but he later pushes Adamus into the ravine once regaining consciousness after Three's death. Ivanick was promoted and was stationed at the government base in New Mexico. Ivan meets up with Adam, who has completely sided with the Garde and now has powers, and a battle emerges. Ivanick is killed by Adamus, who caused an earthquake to happen, which results in rubble collapsing on Ivan's head, beheading him. Anu was a Mogadorian doctor who created a machine that would let the user see a dead Garde's memories.

Adamus is the first one to use this machine to see Number One's memories. Anu had bet his life that the machine would work, but due to the supposed failure of the machine since Adamus did not wake up from his coma, he was killed by the General. Adamus' mother later reveals that the General never liked Anu and was surprised that he wasn't killed earlier. After the events of The Search for Sam , Rex survives the collapse of the New Mexico underground base and meets up with Adam, who helps him to the surface and find shelter.

During their time of recovering from the incident, Rex realizes who Adam is and desires to kill Adam for his betrayal, despite that he saved him. While Rex does want to kill Adam, he also forms a small friendship with him and begins to like him. After an attack from the Mogs and hiding during the battle, Rex rescues Adam in the aftermath and takes him to Palm Island.

When Adam asks why he hasn't killed or betrayed him, Rex replies that he doesn't know and that he wants to fulfill his promise. Coming up with a plan, Rex pretends to take Adam as a prisoner and infiltrates the facility. His fate is left unknown. Four nearly kills him but Adam saves him. He joins the loric cause. He put Five in the task of killing Nine. He also arranged to have Five kill Emma due to their past relationship.

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After Five nearly crushed Emma with his telekinesis and spared her to make use out of her brother, the commander said he passed "with flying colors". He and Ethan never saw eye to eye on preparing Five. He also didn't agree with a human like Ethan having a high position among the Mogs. After Five killed Ethan, Deltoch appeared and saluted him, signifying Five proved himself and is now a commander. One of the few female commanders. Originally stationed at the West Virginia base, but was disgraced when the Loric escaped from her watch.

She was given a choice, death or relocation. She chose relocation in hopes to make up for her mistake.