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Christ is the true food; all other kinds of food are merely shadows of Him as the real food. Our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are all types of Christ; He is the real food, the living food, and when we eat Him, we receive eternal life. Lord Jesus, thank You for coming to us to be the reality of the heavenly manna sent by God to be our daily life supply in our Christian life.

Thank You for coming to us as the bread of God to be God as life to us. Amen, Lord, You are the bread of life good for food, and when we eat You, we can take in God as life to receive life and be living! In John 6 there are two key verses that show us not only that Christ is the reality of the heavenly manna but also how can we eat Him and live because of Him. God created us as an eating vessel, and He gave us a mouth to receive food into us through it.

We are not a perpetual machine that runs on forever; we are an eating vessel, and we eat at least three times a day, for we cannot survive without eating. God presents Himself to us as the tree of life for men to eat and partake of Him so that He can be received into us. From the very beginning of the Bible we see the tree of life, and in the book of Revelation, the tree of life is still there. To eat is to take food into us that it may be assimilated organically into our body; to eat the Lord Jesus is to receive Him into us so that He may be assimilated by the regenerated new man in the way of life.

Eating is a process by which something organic which was outside of us is now taken inside of us; Christ is the reality of the heavenly manna , and He came into us by our eating Him to become part of us. We live not merely by Christ as if He is a supporting cane for us to live by; we live because of Christ as our energizing element and our supplying factor Gal.

Just as Christ fed on the Father and lived because of the Father, so we eat Christ and live because of Christ, and we live Christ in His resurrection. If we have a sprained ankle we use a cane, an instrument to help us in our walk; the cane help us walk when we need help, but the cane cannot become part of our being. Christ needs to be received into us to become the energising element within us. The food we receive into us becomes the energising element by which we live, and we live not by the food we eat but because of the food we take in.

We eat the Lord Jesus as our spiritual food, receiving Him as the Spirit who gives life, by eating His words of spirit and life, by receiving His words by means of all prayer see Jer. In a practical way, we eat Christ by eating His words; His flesh profits nothing, but His words are spirit and life.

The Lord told those around Him that His flesh is true food and His blood is true drink, so they need to eat Him and drink Him to have a share in Him; because of this, many were troubled and offended, and many left Him. What He was referring to was not the physical flesh and blood but His words, which are spirit and life. When we come to His words in the Bible we should not merely read black-and-white letters but pray and exercise our spirit to touch the Spirit in the word and receive life!

Every day we need to practically eat the Lord Jesus, exercising our spirit over the word of God to contact the Lord and eat the heavenly manna, eating Jesus in a practical way. Lord Jesus, we come to Your word to eat You and live because of You. We exercise our spirit and turn our heart to You as we pray over Your words, and we take You in by faith so that Christ may be the energising element and supplying factor of our Christian life.

Hallelujah, Christ as our spiritual food is in His word, and we can receive His words by means of all prayer to take in spirit and life!

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Amen, Lord, we want to exercise our spirit over Your word every day so that we may receive You as spirit and life, be inwardly nourished, be constituted with You, and live because of You! A God-man is a normal believer in Christ; the author of this article is one who is learning to be a normal Christian, a daily enjoyer of Christ , a living and functioning member in the Body of Christ. Amen, Lord, make us such ones for the building up of the Body of Christ!

Facebook Comments. I am teaching my 4 year old his letters and we have been getting quite frustrated!! I hope these tips will help us. Easy, fun, and follows the Orton-gillingham approach, which I need for my four year old! I love AAR, no gaps like the program I used for my son! Alyssa, I have always felt that a friends referral is the highest praise.

I have a handful of students with dyslexia every year. Your activities and suggestions are so welcome.

Types of Learning Disorders and Their Signs

I am always looking for good resources. I have your app open while we play it so she can hear the letter sound after she says it out loud. That was a great reminder to brush up on those! You are welcome, Kelly! Thanks for letting us know that what we have hear are enjoyable and effective for your 3 year old.

I have used Levels with my older ones but think my youngest could use a little extra help from the pre-reading program. I would love the preschool products for my 3 year old. Easy button!

Sight Word: eat

We use reading and spelling with the 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders. Ok so part of my motivation is so that the 5th grader can easily work with her little brother while I nurse the baby:. These ideas were so helpful as I work on teaching my preschooler the alphabet. When do I get to read? Printing the playdough mats, bracelets, and Feed the Puppy. This article was very helpful, along with the freebies thank you! My husband and I have 3 preschool aged children at home and will be able to use these tips and tools as we help them prepare for school!

I like these fantastic ideas and suggestions for the teachers. I will share them with my colleagues. WE love all the resources and free resources that help support your AAR programs!

Neurological process for the recognition of letters and numbers explained

We are thankful and blessed by this curriculum! Thank you so much for the free resources! My dyslexic son and preschooler are really enjoying learning with the great games. They love it! Thanks for being the support we need! I am going to try the alphabet bracelets and the caterpillar. They look super fun. Love this idea about the Lego letters! I will be using the Lego activity today durning school!!

What a great list of activities! I would never have thought about the fabric letters! It is hard to know which one to start with, but I have building blocks on hand so I will probably begin there. Definitely saving and sharing this article!! Liz, Have fun with the building blocks! This is interesting. I have children with learning disabilities. If I teach them the letter names, they cannot make the leap to letter sounds. For example, H. If they know the name of the letter H, they will then tell me the sound is ch. I have to teach letter sounds first.

Knowing the names and sounds is too much information for them. In addition, they cannot learn numerals until letters are mastered. She just cannot remember the letters. Has anyone else experienced this, letter names getting in the way of learning letter sounds? After years of practice, she knew the letter sounds very well. Then, while pursuing help through vision therapy for the past 6 months, she has been required to say the letter names. Now it seems she has lost most of the letter sounds.

Nice to have one more idea to try. Thanks for your comment. As a homeschool parent of 5 who struggle to learn, it can feel like Im the only one! My friends all have brilliant children who read at high school levels in elementary! They cannot begin to understand what it is like to spend years on one seemingly simple thing…letters.

Forget numerals, forget writing… little brains that can only hold one bit of information. I would insist in vision therapy that they allow letter sounds from your 8 year old. Its not helpful if she forgets the sounds! Donna, We are not suggesting that the letter name alone allows a child to get the letter sound.

As you showed with your H example, some letter names do not sound like their sound. However, lots of research has shown that students that know letter names first do better learning letter sounds later. Many children will have confusion when trying to learn letter names and letter sounds together at once. That is why Pre-reading level teaches capital letter names, then the lower case letter names, and only then teaches letter sounds. The Pre-reading level goes through the alphabet three times, each time taking as long as it takes for the child to master. Some children need a week per letter to master just the names of the capitals, with ongoing review throughout.