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On the whole, the teacher and the students enjoyed the funny side of the language. Search the suitable picture Idioms. A recapitulation activity for Idioms was conducted in class-4A2 on 7th April, Students were given placards having idioms written on it. They were asked to search the correct picture representing the literal meaning of the idiom. Objectives of the activity were identification of the correct idiom and understanding the actual meaning of the same. Students enjoyed and performed the activity very well.

The students of class 3 A1 made eco-friendly houses as part of activity of Unit 7 Shelter and community. While making the houses they kept in mind the following features:. Shadow making activity. The students of class 2B made the model of trees and their shadows using thermacole and cutouts on 2 nd November It was a group activity to find the size and direction of shadows in the morning, evening and midday.

All the students participated very enthusiastically. The students of class 2C made the model of trees and their shadows using thermacol and cutouts on 2 nd November They brought glass, spoon, sugar powder and lemon. They followed the instructions given by the teacher and made lemonade accordingly. Then they asked the teacher to taste it. After that they enjoyed the drink. They even made it themselves again for their friends who have not brought the materials. Through this activity they learned about uses of water and also sharing.

Class 1 C enjoyed the activity of making lemonade as a part of chapter 10 Water. Class activity of 5 A. English drama activity was conducted in 5 A on It was a group activity of Formative 3. The students were divided into 3 groups. They were acquainted with the success criteria in advance.


They displayed their acting skills efficiently and brought Iife to the story. The performance given by Pratham Gupta was outstanding and he was adjudged as the best actor of the day. It was an enjoyable session for the students. Houses Coming Alive.

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The students of class 3A2 made three dimensional models of different types of houses. The students conceptualized various ideas within their group well in advance. They executed their ideas with great zeal and enthusiasm and showed a great sense of team spirit. The activity not just enlightened the students with the knowledge of various houses like apartments, igloo, stilt house etc but also helped them sharpen their creative skills. Dramatic exploration can provide students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express.

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  • The entire class was divided into 4 groups. Each group presented the story in an interesting way. Group 1 presented their props very creatively. The students thoroughly enjoyed and learnt at the same time.

    Keeping Our Surroundings Clean. I-A 16th Sept.


    The main aim of this project was to make the children aware of the importance of clean surroundings and the dignity of labour. They were introduced to the concept, with the help of a very interesting educational video. The students thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Following this was a class discussion on the same.

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    Many students had even clicked pictures for this. Up next was a class activity where the students were asked to bring articles which help in cleaning our surroundings. Each class had its duty assigned to clean the class room and the corridor after the break-time. The students brought various items like- brooms, duster, cleaning brushes etc.

    The students enjoyed being part of the activity and also learnt that all jobs, no matter how small, should be respected and the people doing those jobs deserve respect too. Flash Card Making. The students worked in groups and created flash cards for words like- and, but, if, or. They also wrote sentences using these words. The marking criteria were- Presentation, Quality of sentences and Team work. It was a great activity, full of fun and a spirit of competition. Every expedition made is an experience which leaves the students pondering and implores them to think.

    The questionnaires were prepared and handed over to the students. The students spent almost two hours at the store and saw lots of significant household items and groceries under one roof. Each and every item was significantly stocked. The children keenly observed the different sections in the store, neatly stacked with similar items. The students went from one counter to another. The excitement was high for the tiny-tots when they saw assorted range of toffees and chocolates. The staff at the store answered the queries of our students patiently. The teachers briefed the students about various kinds of items kept in the store and helped them to complete their questionnaires.

    In this way, the students got better understanding of the subject as well as its application to their own life and community.

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    It was a remarkable and fun-filled experience for the kids as they came back with a smile on their faces. Number names plant. The children pasted colourful crumbled papers on them. They enjoyed doing the activity as they wanted to show their best. On the other side, the children pasted the flowers of different colours on which two letter Hindi words were written.

    Milk activity. G are encouraged to take milk everyday. The children enjoyed milk very much and promised that they will drink milk everyday as it will make them taller, stronger and smarter.

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    Keeping safe. G learnt about the concept of traffic rules for which they made the traffic light using shoe boxes. The children then made the traffic light by tearing and pasting the origami sheets on a circular cut-out as per the colours of the light and pasted it. The children enjoyed the activity and learnt the traffic rules as well. My school. G were made aware of the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and they were asked to bring a cloth duster for the same.

    My house.

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    • The U. They made houses out of the shoeboxes and ice-cream sticks in the class.