Bound by Destiny: a past life journey to the present

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Bound by Destiny is available on Amazon. In this lifetime Kathleen Ross has been a newspaper feature writer and columnist, a singer and songwriter, and intuitive counselor specializing in the Tarot, past lives and shamanic healing. Email required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Enter your email below to subscribe to our newsletter on spirituality, psychology, and inspirational entertainment and receive a FREE report on 10 Practical Tips to Finding and Living Your Calling.

Well, you can just imagine… Bound by Destiny is available on Amazon. No Comments. Categories : Books , Exclusive Interviews. Tags : Bound by destiny , Kathy Ross , Past Life regression , relationship between karma and free will , shamanic healing , tarot. Home About Contact. His faculty included the highly respected Professor Sempa Dorje — who also taught Rinpoche — as well as other Khenpos.

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Chogyal Rinpoche remained a dedicated student and teacher till the end of He also showed interest in philanthropic deeds. While most of his pupils spent their off days with recreational activities — mainly sports — Chogyal Rinpoche roamed around villages sharing the values of Buddhism.

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His further contributions ranged from musical education to even health care. With his personal funds, he took along medical camps to leprosy centers which had been completely disregarded by the society. Furthermore, he personally contributed to change the deteriorated condition of the leprosy center by renovating necessary infrastructures. His contributions also aided the local blind school, which he provided proper music classes with.

Also, the children living in the isolated slum areas benefitted with music classes. The music institution was mainly to motivate slum children. These children, who were bound to watch the more financially able counterpart play instruments, were provided with an equal opportunity through the institution.

In , in a rented room at Kalingpong, the small-scaled music institute was inaugurated.

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At that time, there was a total of 12 underprivileged children. A resident music teacher, volunteered to teach to play the violin. The institution is still in operation today at a much bigger scale.

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From formal studies to a spiritual jouney in the search of answers Chogyal Rinpoche completed his Khenpo academic degree in Buddhist studies in But the end of his academic training made him realize the mere beginning of a even bigger challenge beyond books and classes — life. This caused him to pursue his spiritual journey beyond monasteries and studies. Chogyal Rinpoche then set out on a meditation retreat for three years and three months. In order to do so he traveled on a spiritual journey in search of answers to many questions he had within himself.

Like the yogis from the 5th century he was now on a journey to find himself.

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In this five months long search of meeting a guru, his guru, he met numerous sadhus but in the end was left without the answers. Meeting an old counterpart and finding answers long hoped for Chogyal Rinpoche journeyed to East Tibet to seek knowledge from gurus. His requests were sometimes fulfilled while at other instances, the gurus rejected him.

He traveled from one mountain to another to reach out to the Tibetan masters. This life totally contradicted the life that he had before. Though life in Tibet had its own hardships, it was a true awakening for him. On a day prior to one full moon night, he met one of his nearest connections of his past life — Repa Thultim Tharchen. On meeting the him, Chogyal Rinpoche was briefed about his past life. Repa Thultim Tharchen, with tears of joy running down his eyes, also asked him to stay as there was a lot to catch up on, between the two of them.

From Repa Thultim Tharchen he received intense training. He was a part of deep spiritual Vajrayana training, inner mind training and other precious transmissions.

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However, Chogyal Rinpoche fell short of visualizing his past lives on his own. This led him into doubting himself as a reincarnation. Nonetheless, his finally found teacher assured him that he was and helped him polish techniques that enabled him to open windows of his past life. With patience and intensive practice, Chogyal Rinpoche finally succeeded in going beyond and seeing his life in different forms. Finally he reached the goal of his spiritual journey and found himself, his true inner self.

Present and Future Despite enjoying the life as a wandering Yogi, Chogyal Rinpoche had to get back to the society. He had responsibilities for many other lives.

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Giving continuity to the philanthropic deeds, he had started, had always been an area of concern. He knew he had a gift and Rinpoche always wanted serve the needy to his best. Hence, he returned from his Retreat. Currently, Chogyal Rinpoche, along with many of his well-wishers and students, reaches out to the needy and helps them reestablish their pride and dignity in society.