Backbencher, A Legislative Memoir, 2nd Edition

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We need a new PM a new Cabinet and a new approach to Brexit. She has previously agreed to set out the timetable for the contest to replace her after a crunch vote on her Brexit deal, widely expected on June 7. Following the failed bid to oust her in , under existing rules Mrs May would be safe from another confidence motion until December.

She agreed a second referendum would be divisive, but said the Government was not proposing to hold one. It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I have decided to resign from the Government. Downing Street sources said the PM could meet Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Thursday, but there was no confirmation that an audience would be granted for other ministers with reservations about the plan. Home Secretary Sajid Javid has asked for a meeting to discuss his concerns about the prospect of a second referendum, after Mrs May revealed she would grant MPs a vote on whether the Brexit deal should be put to the public.

We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments. Post moderation is undertaken full-time 9am-6pm on weekdays, and on a part-time basis outwith those hours. Last Updated:. He has also authored Regulatory Law and Practice, 2nd Edition LexisNexis and has written articles on regulatory law, legislative drafting and statutory interpretation.

The long road to closure

Both functions are undergoing change and facing new challenges. The impact on legislation of the European Union, devolution in Scotland and the growing influence of the House of Lords are also examined. Part 2 accountability investigates how Parliament operates to scrutinise areas of executive action previously often shielded from effective parliamentary oversight, including: national security, war-making powers, European Union decision-making, and administrative justice.

The book will be of interest to anyone who is curious about how the law interacts with Parliament and is aimed at legal academics, practitioners and political scientists. The activity of interpreting statutes is often thought to be quintessentially judicial and is largely governed by common law rules and principles of statutory interpretation. Interestingly, however, in every province in Canada and in many other jurisdictions , parliaments and legislatures have enacted statutes that purport to dictate to courts how they should interpret legislation.

Backbencher, A Legislative Memoir, 2nd Edition

What is the significance of these attempts by legislatures to direct courts to adopt a particular interpretive method, and one that is, moreover, essentially teleological in its orientation? From the standpoint of legal and constitutional theory, this incursion by parliament into this sacrosanct realm of the judiciary seems deeply problematic. Yet the truth of the matter is that courts have largely ignored these interpretation acts and applied a common-law interpretive methodology. With the help of leading legal scholars drawn from all over the Commonwealth, this text explores the relationship between courts and legislatures in establishing methodologies for statutory interpretation.

Is this relationship constitutionally permissible? And if so, is it desirable? This collection of essays will explore these questions. Orlin Yalnazov proposes a new approach to the problem. He conceptualizes law as an information product, and law-making as an exercise in production. Law-making has inputs and outputs, and technology is used to transform one into the other. Law may, depending on input and technology, take on different forms: it can be vague or it can be certain. Differences between the two being sizeable, our choice has significant repercussions for the cost of the input and the form of the output.

The author applies this framework to several problems, including the comparison between the common and the civil law, comparative civil procedure, and EU law. I was being irritatingly jovial and gave Prezza a few playful metaphorical jabs on air. With my legendary judgment and timing, I bounced up to him with a grin.

I asked him what the matter was. Not the end of the world? I thought it best to leave him to his whisky. And, God, could that man drink. One evening, after a very good dinner, he misread the time and almost missed his cue. So he staggered to the Bar of the House, slurred the magic words and then collapsed in a heap.

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When he had his first heart attack his doctor advised that he confined himself to one champagne before lunch. So he did. Just one bottle. Willie also had a reputation for discretion. It made no difference.

Two-party government

Healey could also be one hell of a bully in the chamber — particularly when he locked horns with Michael Heseltine. This would happen late at night, when everyone had been drinking. When he first became Prime Minister, John Major was a little star-struck. Even Joanna Lumley? His wish was her command.

Legislation will require Manitoba politicians to reveal convictions - Winnipeg Free Press

Bless her, she came. I once had lunch with him when Spitting Image was endlessly repeating a sketch of him eating peas off the end of a knife.

When he arrived, there on the table was an enormous tureen of peas. Clearly, Moncrieff must have smelt like a Guinness brewery, because the big man exploded. So the prize pudding duly arrived and he got stuck in.

Back Benchers - Marathi Comedy -itsuch

About five minutes into his pud, my chum, in fits of giggles, sniffed the air. We looked apprehensively at the big man, but the expected explosion never came. Just a chuckle and then a booming laugh. But he never finished his pudding. His abstinence was in sharp contrast to fellow Northern Ireland MP Gerry Fitt — a tremendous character, and also enormously brave.

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The final straw was when he fought off gunmen on the stairs. Mrs Thatcher, to her credit, made him a life peer and he came to London. Gerry insisted his detective match him, drink for drink. As the man was packing a weapon, he politely declined but agreed to join him drink for drink with tonic water. A few weeks later, the detective was rushed to hospital. It took a while for the consultants to work out what was wrong. It was an unusual condition: quinine poisoning as a result of an overdose of tonic water.

We were having dinner one evening when I let it slip that it was my fortieth birthday. He sees the world and its problems pragmatically — but he does have his delightful moments of innocence.

What about you, old boy? Once, Soames came into the Commons Smoking Room, rather ashen-faced, and sank a large gin and tonic. As we were walking towards the exit, he was accosted by a pack of journos. Then he led me off to a magnificent limo, bristling like a porcupine with aerials —- and far, far grander than anything the government could provide. Tommy was a nice bloke but perhaps not a candidate for Brain of Britain.

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  8. While once sharing a train journey to Glasgow, Tommy Graham MP left revealed a little too much about his private life to Gordon Brown right and the then leader of the Labour party John Smith. As the train was pulling into Glasgow, he made an announcement. His face was horribly scarred from receiving 5, volts in an industrial accident.

    The word was that this had scrambled his brain.