All the Materials for A Midnight Feast

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Persuaded by an old acquaintance to rekindle the glory days of his youth, year-old Nicholas has joined a coachload of anti-nuclear protesters heading from Hull to Faslane for a demonstration. He decides that the long trip would be an appropriate time to write an account of his days as a student and, latterly, dropout for his two young daughters to read one day.

Try it yourself, and you'll probably find you back-track, leave notes in margins and forget important details until later on, and that's the first indication of Gary Dexter's talent: Nicholas's spontaneous memoir is convincingly, and deceptively, haphazard. Pages after he's described an incident, Nicholas will follow it up with an addendum that alters the meaning of the original.

All the Materials for a Midnight Feast

He's often genuinely surprised by what he dredges up from his memory, and leaves notes for himself to delete passages he doesn't want his daughters to read. Why has this stuff been buried at the back of Nicholas's mind for so long? Well, perhaps because he seems to have been a bit of a dick when he was young, with a habit of shouting in libraries and embarrassing himself in front of Hull's librarian, the poet Philip Larkin.

But there are other reasons to suppress the past. The s was suffused with a terror of nuclear apocalypse, and Nicholas felt it more keenly than most. He still remembers that dread with the heightened senses of late adolescence, along with his all-embracing infatuation with enigmatic housemate Madeleine, she of the orange dress and thick-soled boots. His fears and passions are still urgent and desperate in the retelling. But as his memoir progresses, doubts start to form.

Midnight Feast

How much can we trust of what Nicholas is telling us? And what became of the troubled young man between that day and this? My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review.

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