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If the menu bar seems a bit overloaded to you, then you can simply modify it to suit your needs. Work with the PDF editor is quite comfortable. If you still have the trial version, you should be sure not to use any functions that are specific to the full version. When you eventually save the document, permanent watermarks appear. As an alternative to Adobe Acrobat, the program is perfectly suited to simple tasks like these. Editing tools as well as password protection and access management are only offered by the program in a limited range.

The desktop version can be obtained as a free download.

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If you only use the program occasionally for individual tasks , then it remains free. The design of the web application was transferred one-to-one to the desktop program. The range of functions for free use is adequate. The user interface has a nice and tidy design. In the above image, you see the main page where all of the functions are organized according to action.

For editing, there are limited functions available such as markups highlight and strikeout , blackout without deleting metadata , signatures, or text additions. The abundance of tools on the homepage is gone, though.

Troubleshoot Acrobat PDFMaker issues in Microsoft Office on Windows

Save the file separately. There, upload the PDF file again and sign it in the tool. Do you want to add Bates numbering? For more complex PDF projects, though, other Adobe Acrobat alternatives from this list are more suitable. Are you also looking for image editing alternatives?

Here are six alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. With Acrobat, Adobe encourages workflow optimization. The ways in which the software prepares PDF files and makes them both secure and accessible will continue to serve as a model for all other PDF software developers in the coming years. For many private users, though, Adobe Acrobat functions go beyond the scope of their normal use.

Others would rather avoid the high subscription costs. From free readers via mobile apps to professional PDF solutions for companies: There are many affordable Adobe Acrobat alternatives that are equipped with similarly good tools and the most important security features. Digital photography and image editing software allow both amateurs and professionals to create, edit, and archive stunning images with little effort. Adobe Premiere Pro is seen as the professional standard bearer when it comes to digital video editing. That being said, there is a surprising amount of excellent alternatives to Premiere Pro out there, both for semi-professional and private use.

Whether you need it for work, social networks, or simply to have a bit of fun, you can read about the best free video editors on offer here. For creatives and those who are aspiring designers, many programs from Adobe make up a key part of their standard equipment. InDesign is a very popular tool with large publishing houses as well as smaller publishers thanks to its huge range of functions. But quality and name come at a price: monthly fees put a hole in the cash register, especially for small companies and self-employed designers Free or paid, online or offline: the internet offers a variety of alternatives.

Although not all editors function in the same way. This guide shows you how to start blogging with success in a few simple steps From SEM, to display and mobile, we show you the most important online marketing methods Is it really that easy? We show you how you could turn this hobby into a job Here's a detailed overview of the best translation apps for Android and iOS Add, edit, and delete text, modify images, set links Enable check and commentary of document popular functions: marker, notepad, comment box, freehand draw, stamp.

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Which Adobe Acrobat alternatives are there? For private use: The Foxit Reader includes sufficient functions for editing, correcting, and securing your PDF documents. In Nitro Pro, edit and comment texts and secure the document.

The operating interface gives an overview of all features. Benefits Drawbacks Large range of functions Relatively expensive Clear, intuitive interface Image quality decreases with conversion Cloud share support with real time tracking Accessibility tools could use expansion Strong white-out tool for sensitive information Fewer supported formats than Adobe Acrobat Helpful community.

Better readability: Thanks to a special tool, you can easily adjust the contrast. PDF Studio Standard offers an extensive commentary function. With the Pro version, you can also create your own forms and signature fields. Adobe’s New Web Office

On the homepage shown here as the start window for the desktop version you can see all available functions. With a few clicks, load the desired document and perform the task.

Benefits Drawbacks Lite browser application without download No ribbon menu bar Clear user interface Saves after every task, not suitable for long projects Suitable for individual tasks on the go Limited range of functions. The best Adobe Acrobat alternatives: an overview With Acrobat, Adobe encourages workflow optimization. Related Products. View packages. Popular Articles Create a blog This guide shows you how to start blogging with success in a few simple steps How to promote your website From SEM, to display and mobile, we show you the most important online marketing methods Make money on YouTube Is it really that easy?

Raspberry Pi projects 17 interesting projects to try out at home, from setting up an operating system, to using it as a server Translator apps Here's a detailed overview of the best translation apps for Android and iOS Enter the web address of your choice in the search bar to check its availability. Weak spots with JavaScript safe reading mode should be turned on and JavaScript off. Official language version only in English community translations available in various languages.

The best Adobe Acrobat alternatives

Optional one-time payment or subscription, both are cheaper than comparable Adobe Acrobat products. No interactive form field designer or digital signature in standard version. Saves after every task, not suitable for long projects. Paid trialware subscription and purchase , Reader: Freeware.

Freemium PDF software subscription and purchase. Add, change size, edit via external program. Digital signatures, drag-and-drop, security licenses, etc. For text selections and entire pages, delete metadata. In Advanced version, delete metadata in Standard version. Markup, notepad, freehand, online comment board. Markup, audio commentary, notes, freehand, stamps. Markup, notes, dimensions and lines, stamps, audio commentary. Integration with SharePoint, NetDocuments, etc.

Manual, tutorial videos, documentation, developer portal. Manual, community, FAQ, security updates, email, tutorial videos. Knowledge base, FAQ, telephone, online support, forum.

Knowledge base, manual, FAQ, email, developer support. Manual, forum, FAQ, knowledge base, email, 1 year of upgrades included. Yes, with one-time payment; for business, education, private. Yes, staggered, from licenses with cost estimate. Then, try to create a PDF file:. For example, if the document contains only the heading styles Heading 1 and Heading 2, disable the other heading styles in the Acrobat PDFMaker dialog box.

Reinstall Office or the specific Office application, and then reinstall Acrobat. For instructions on how to remove Office, see the Office documentation or contact Microsoft.