A Black Deeper Than Death (Miki Radicci Book 1)

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Tel-Com, the corporation that funds Elite, is the client. Does the client want the little girl dead or are they trying to help her? And why is she so important? Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

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Plus I find it a challenge to write female characters and enjoy the objectivity of not having to reveal myself. Or maybe I'm still revealing myself. All of your books are self-published. Why did you decide to go that route? I have always been interested in indie film and music and surround myself with a DIY esthetic. All my heros are on the outside and happy there. I enjoy the freedom of experimenting and congratulating myself when things work out. Also, mainstream publishers are not interested in my books; at least that's what agents are saying.

Not that they arent marketable, but just that So for now I'm happy with the decision. How do you prepare your books for self-publishing?

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Do you use a self-publishing company or do you do it all yourself? I do most of everything myself: editing, cover design, marketing. After I finish writing a solid draft, I submit it through a long process with my writing groups and get various kinds of feed back from them. I revise, then proof a few times, then send it to a proofreader who I hire, then I proof again, and send it out into the world.

Maybe it's wrong that I do so much myself. But so what. No one is going to know my story better than me and I enjoy being professional. And so far it seems to be working. What advice would you give to someone who is deciding whether or not to self-publish? Is there anything you did when you published your first book that you would do differently with all you know now? If you're going to self-pub, make sure it is not your first book.

M.E. Purfield

I started after my 8th. My point being: writing is a craft and it takes time to perfect and understand. Also it takes time to show a part of yourself to the world that you wouldn't show anyone else, least of all your grandparents. Also, be patient and practice failure, it's the only way you can achieve a level of success.

Is there anything I would do differently? Hard to say. The one thing I learned about self-publishing is that there is no right answer for marketing or story. You don't know what is going to turn someone on or what marketing plan is going to work. But that' s the great thing about it: experimenting and being creative in all aspects. Sometimes you're not going to get results and then sometimes you get them when you dont do anything. Like everyone else in publishing, you are not going to know how or what a reader is going to go for.

But at least you have a longer time and less risk trying with self-publishing than with traditionsl. My books can speak for themselves. Blurb for Angel Spits:. Everyone says it is suicide. Not Maggie. She saw someone up there with her brother. A girl Maggie searches for the winged girl and unravels a mystery hidden deep in the city that not only affects her own destiny, but the fate of a dying little boy.

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Blurb for A Black Deeper than Death :. A young adult, urban noir fantasy. When she accidentally experiences the murder of a prominent NYU business student, Miki attracts not only the attention of the police but the killer who threatens her and her family. Miki must now hunt down a killer by delving into the victim's secret life and follows an urban underground trail of goth modeling, a snuff internet site, and low level criminals. Posted by S. Sunday, January 6, Finding My Hook. I recently started working on a new manuscript.